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Canal and River Trust – the plans to automate the canal bridges are still in progress.  This summer there has been a trial automation in process at Sandfield Bridge in Saul.  The results from the trial and feedback from the steering committee are due in September 2016.  If everything has worked then the river trust will be requesting funding and approval from trustees in Autumn 2016.

Gloucester & Sharpness Canal River Trust Leaflet

Email Adresses and Phone Numbers

We would like to make sure that we have the email addresses of everyone who lives in the village.  We keep two separate lists, one for emergencies and one for events or information.  We only ever use the emergency one when there is a really urgent emergency such as potential of the river to break its banks and flood homes and roads.  We also have the ability to send out text messages for urgent notifications which is why we would like your mobile phone number.  The other list of email addresses is also used only occasionally this time for important information such as a road closure or an event.  The village newsletter also comes out via email.  If you would like to give us your email address to be included on either of these two lists then please get in touch with Nikki Leach, Parish Clerk.  Contact Us


Collecting our black plastic sacks and green boxes at the gate once a week is the responsibility of Stroud District Council, but cleaning up the litter in our grass verges and gateways is not.

Plastic bottles, cans, confectionery wrappers continue to litter the parish despite a grand “Don’t drop litter in our parish” poster campaign by the children at Longney School.

This is a case of prevention being much better than cure. Please don’t drop litter in the first place, because some other resident of the Parish is going to have to pick it up.

A number of residents have offered to collect rubbish from particular stretches of verges and put it in plastic sacks outside their own homes where the weekly Council truck will pick it up. If you are prepared to help with this, please contact Jonathan Harvie on on 01452  722969  or email the Parish Clerk.

Details of the District and County waste collection services can be found here:

Other Council and Support Services


Speeding through the village is always a concern to people who live in Longney.  At the moment there are no plans for action but we would like to remind people to drive at 30 miles per hour or less in the village and to take care of tractors, horses and bicycles on all other roads.

Dog fouling on footpaths

Please don’t allow your dog to foul the footpaths where other people (with or without dogs) walk. The path opposite Lynch Farm which runs towards the river has been mentioned as particularly bad.

Tools for Hire

Book the Rotavator and Shredder.

Longney and Epney’s Parish-owned Rotavator and Shredder have been getting plenty of takers but new users would be very welcome. If you haven’t taken advantage of them before, you’ll find them robust and simple to operate. At a very modest fee per day (primarily to cover maintenance costs)  these are delivered to you, with user instructions by Al Fenn who you can reach on 
01452 720618

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